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How Do I Book A Day Trip?

We advise that you make a reservation directly with a manager because there are a number of packages and questions to go through. We do not have an online automated system because of this.


Call us at 303-994-4606 or use our online contact form to reserve a day or days. We will get in touch with you shortly to talk about your plans. You will receive a formal reservation email and an electronic invoice for a 50% deposit once we have confirmed the sort of trip you'd like and the date(s)/location(s). Your guide will get in touch with you before the trip date to go over logistics once your trip has been confirmed.


What Is Included In The Cost Of My Trip?

Always feel free to bring your own gear. Our trips include:


  • Boots and Waders. Let us know your sizes before we meet on the water!

  • All the essential rods, reels, lures and flys you will need. Feel free to bring anything of your own. 

  • Full cooler of  Ice, & Bottled Water for Float trips. (On the boat)  Bring whatever snacks or other food not provided you want. Alcohol is not provided but you may bring your own if you can handle LEGALLY and RESPONSIBLY.. Some areas do not allow glass, or alcohol. Ask your guide for further details on the package you are interested in. Lunch is provided for full day trips only.  **Any Food Allergies can be accommodated**

  • Waded trips and alpine hikes your guide WILL NOT have water for everyone. Our guides do carry Water Filtrations Pumps on them for emergencies but do not rely on this. Most of these will be Full Day trips  meaning lunch will be provided. But pack liquids accordingly for long walks.


What Is Not Included In My Trip?

  • A Colorado Fishing License. You MUST have a Colorado State issued fishing license if you plan on having a line in the water. Click Here to purchase your Colorado Fishing License

  • Gratuity is NOT included in your trip. However as a part of a professional guide's salary, and feedback for an awesome day on the water, it is always greatly appreciated and is customary to the industry as a whole.


What Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

You know what they say about Colorado weather… if you don't like it, wait 10 minutes and it’ll change?  Well the same thing applies to fishing. A small bug hatch, weather change, wind direction or depth change could be all it takes to catch the fish of a lifetime. Our policy is any day on the water is better than a day spent at work. So we fish year round enjoying the Colorado weather with the occasional extra layer or two. That being said, if the weather conditions do make the waters unfishable, we will be happy to change locations, or reschedule your trip. 


Can I Bring My Own Fishing Gear?

Of course! Although we will have everything you need, sometimes you just have the favorite rod or lucky lure you want to bring along. 


How Long Will I Be On The Water?

  • Full day trips we will be on the water 7+ hours. Monster hunts have been known to go 12+ so dress to impress the weather, not the fish. 


  • Half day Wade, Night Floats and Brown Town packages 3-4 hours


What Else Should I Bring With Me?

  • Rain jacket and any layering pieces to adjust for changing mountain weather. (it can get cold) ​

  • Synthetics or wool socks are best underneath your waders and on your feet. 

  • Sunglasses for EYE PROTECTION are a must. Polarized brown or amber lenses are preferable to reduce sun glare off the water.

  • Brimmed hat to help with vision/sun protection. 

  • Sunscreen (higher altitudes have more intense UV rays)

  • Any medications you require, or allergy EpiPen®

  • Any specific drinks you desire, snacks if fishing a half-day

  • LAYERS. We’ll say it again because someone always forgets. The weather in Colorado can change in minutes so it’s always better to be over prepared. 


  • Camera/mobile phone!  Most of our trips are “catch and release”, so your photos are your trophies. We’ll happily shoot photos on our equipment as well and send them to you digitally.


Where And When Do I Meet My Guide?

Normally our guides will meet you with a predetermined time and location. Prior to your trip, your guide will contact you to review details regarding the meet up location of where you will be fishing. We’re more than happy to help get you to the water from your downtown Denver hotel, or other locations for an additional fee. Or ask about local campsites and RV hookup locations in the area.  Our main goal is to accommodate you getting on the water in any way possible!


How Many People Can Fit On The Boat?

We have a 3 seat 15’ StealthCraft AfterMath Drift Boat. Meaning if you are a die hard “I need to cast my fly a mile” across the lake fisherman, we probably  aren't going to have more than 2 people fishing at a time. It causes safety hazards for you, your friends/family and your guide. That being said, if you have kids you wanna get out on the boat with, we can accommodate as long as we are staying aware of our surroundings and being safe while casting. Children 12 and under MUST wear a PFD on the boat at ALL TIMES. No more than 4 people on the boat at a time.


Are We Gonna Keep Fish?

At Kindred Anglers, we like to practice a strict Catch And Release Program as often as possible and always with bigger fish. However, we love to eat fish. And we understand the importance of learning how to harvest your own food. Practicing within the Colorado state harvesting laws ask your guide while on the water what is allowed.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.  Click Here to Contact Us

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